How much water should you be drinking to stay healthy largely depends on the climate you live in and your general lifestyle. As a general rule of thumb drinking eight glasses a day has been the popular consensus for decades.

But unlike many vitamins and minerals, there is no set minimum for daily water intake and truth be told everyone old or young needs a different amount of water daily.

According to most scientists and doctors the “adequate intake” for water varies by age and gender.

When it comes to how much water you should be drinking each day, let your body be your guide. You have a built-in hydration meter: your urine. If it’s dark yellow or orange in color, or if it has a distinctive or strong odor, you may be dehydrated, though certain medications can turn urine orange. The usual color for healthy urine is light yellow or straw-colored.

Here’s an example of a daily hydration schedule:
•  One glass of water when you wake up.
•  One glass of water with breakfast
•  A drink or water-rich food between breakfast and lunch.
•  A drink with lunch.
•  A drink or hydrating snack in the afternoon—
•  A drink with dinner
•  A full glass of water before bed

The fact is that it’s not an exact science. The point of keeping track of your hydration isn’t to force yourself to drink a rigid eight glasses of water a day; instead, it’s to make sure that you’re getting enough. It’s about being self-conscious, health-conscious, and self-caring!

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